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Glossy Make Up


Dhs 129.00 Dhs 258.00


Biodegradable faux mink magnetic lashes that are ultra-lightweight for a beautiful enhancement of your eye look! 

What it does:
For the lash lovers, the worlds easiest application. These eco-friendly magnetic lashes will give you everything you need. Whether it’s a subtle soft look or a full glam look! Made from biodegradable material, these magnetic lashes are extremely easy to use combined with our Magnetic Eyeliner. No more messing around with eyelashes, done within seconds! You can reuse these lashes up to 60 times, while reducing carbon emission and soil pollution. Lashes that are perfect for you, and for our planet.

Cruelty-Free. Vegan. Sustainable. Functional. Unisex

How to use:
- Draw liner with our Magnetic Eyeliner
- Apply lash on top the liner
- Flawless result in no time!

What else you need to know:

Each biodegradable magnetic lash can be used up to 60 times depending on care.


Dhs 129.00 Dhs 258.00