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Glossy Makeup is a unique lash brand with a range of inspiring false lashes for makeup artists and lash-lovers. Sophisticated designs to accentuate makeup.Glossy Make Up

It's with great pleasure to announce Glossy Make Up has launched in Urban Retreat Harrods!  It's our first department store to launch in and we are so proud and excited that it is by far the most luxurious store in the world! 

Urban Reteat

Urban Retreat is a beauty salon and make up studio situated on the 5th floor of Harrods. It is well known for its up to date beauty techniques and trends. If you want to go and purchase your Glossy Make Up lashes or beauty blender you can now! 

If you want to have your makeup done for a special occasion Urban Retreat also offers bespoke Makeup Classes and Makeup Application where you can have your Glossy Make Up lashes put on! 


All of Natasha Zaki's eye lashes designs are made from natural fibers and can be worn up to 10 times!  They take your average makeup to the next level of Glam!



Team @glossymakeup