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Xmas 3D Lash Bundle

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Xmas 3D Lash Bundle include 3D Lash Collection, Lash Applicator and Lash on Glue.

Gorgeous 3D Silk Lashes are natural-looking and long-lasting, real silk lashes for a more boosted, lengthened or natural lash look. "Perfect for Day & Night Glam". 3D Silk Lashes are made of a rare soft silk material that provides an ultra-lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting wear. Each lash is 100 percent made with the softest silk material and with a unique cotton thread band. Their specifically-developed, cotton-thread band allows for easy and fast application, and they’re reusable, providing an average of 20 plus applications. 

Applying false lashes couldn't be any easier using our Lash Applicator! Never struggle to line up your lashes again, as this applicator makes it easy to get closer to the lash line! Simply remove your lashes from the packaging and clamp the applicator in the middle of your lashes.  Press down on the center of your eyelid and release.  Press down using the applicator on either side of the false lashes.

Lash Adhesive glue in black color  for eyelashes, fast drying & waterproof.

How to use: 
-Before applying Eyelash Glue, measure and trim; always trim from the outer corners. 
-Remember: you want the length of the 3D Silk Lashes to fall just short of the natural length of your eyes to prevent the lash from poking the inner corner of your eye. 
-Apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying 3D Silk Lashes; do not apply mascara after you have applied the 3D Silk Lashes. 
-Apply lashes with our exclusive Glossy Make Up Lash Adhesive and Lash Applicator.
-Gently apply 3D Silk Lashes on top of and as close to, your natural lash line. 
-Secure 3D Silk Lashes by pushing them down towards your lash line. 
-After the glue has tried, feel free to apply eyeliner to fill in any gaps between your natural lash line and the 3D Silk Lashes. 
-Use the other end of the Glossy Make Up Lash Applicator to blend it all together. 
-You may curl the lashes like real human hair. 

-Do not use if you are allergic to latex or if you have an eye infection. 
-Keep out of reach of children.

Premium Silk Lashes: Rare silk material that provides a soft feathery feel for a natural-looking, luxurious look.

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